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Episode 37

Net Lease Pricing Update November 2020

Cap rate compression or cap rate expansion? Learn were deals in the popular net lease sectors traded in Q3 of this year. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 36

Pop-Up Stores

Pop-Up stores are the ultimate expression of physical retail's new focus on flexibility. Temporary capacity expansion, unusual brand partnerships, and beta testing new products or markets are all ways retailers are using this short-term space. Learn which retailers are forefront in this new fluid model. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 35

Sporting Goods and Outdoor Recreation

Coming into 2020, the retail sporting goods sector was challenged by numerous headwinds. Then COVID-19 hit and gave this sector a much needed boost. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 34

Tenant Credit Ratings

Learn how to interpret S&P Credit Ratings and where most tenants fall on the scale. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 33

State of the Net Lease Market October 2020

Take stock on current investor demand, cap rates, rent collections, and more. Learn the data points to help recalibrate your view of 2020. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 32

New Investor Guide to Commercial Real Estate

CRE investing has many advantages including the potential for greater cashflow, capital appreciation, and long term stability. Understand the many benefits of investment properties and the basic industry terms. Watch. Learn. Excel

Episode 31

The TikTok + Walmart Powerhouse

A TikTok Walmart partnership could be very impactful to Retail. Learn why TikTok is relevant and how it could change the way we shop. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 30

Quick Serve Restaurant Investment Overview

QSR, or fast food restaurants, are a hot segment of the net leased market. Learn why and how to evaluate. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 29

Net Leased Child Care Overview

With employees starting to return to the office, now is a great time to consider a high yield net leased child care investment. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 28

Gen Z Edition

Lighthearted thoughts from our youngest fans. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 27

High Growth Markets

Demographic shifts are affecting development and investment opportunities. Which markets should you be considering? Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 26

Medical Net Lease

With new tenants and increasing demand, medical net lease is a sector to follow. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 25

X Factors of Change

Intense disruption opens the door for ingenuity, creativity, and inventiveness. Expand your view of what's next. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 24

Apple v. Microsoft - Retail Strategy Comparison

Microsoft is closing all of their US retail locations. Apple is expanding theirs. Learn why one is successful with bricks and mortar while the other is not. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 23

Big Box Repositioning

Having a big box retail tenant vacate doesn't have to mean doom and gloom. Often it translates to opportunity for the investor. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 22

Discount Store Overview

Discount stores have become a new darling of net leased investing. Learn how Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree compare and why you may want to consider investing in this part of the market. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 21

Chapter 11 vs Chapter 7

A wave of bankruptcy filings hit the industry in March - June. Understand the different types of filings and learn which retailers have filed for bankruptcy protection recently. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 20

How to Choose the Right CRE Broker

A quality broker can navigate deal roadblocks, add value during your hold period, and be a long term partner on your investment team. Are you working with the right person? Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 19

Travel Trends Post COVID-19

Retail, Hospitality, and Entertainment are all heavily impacted by the movement of people. Learn who is traveling and where this summer. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 18

Is Cannabis CRE's Next Big Tenant?

A new multi-billion dollar industry is emerging. Learn how the COVID-19 shutdown is accelerating this segment of the market. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 17

Benefits of Sale-leaseback Transactions

As credit markets tighten, sale-leasebacks become more attractive. Learn how this structure can benefit both owner/users and investors. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 16

Retail Bankruptcies and the Path Forward

Learn why retailers must be focused on the adaptation of technology, defining a clear value proposition, financial conservatism, frictionless shopping and rapid adaptability. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 15

Zero Cashflow Investing

Do you want to extract equity from a 1031 exchange tax free? Do you need high leverage but can't find it in today's market? Are you looking for a passive long term investment for estate planning purposes? Learn why zero cashflow, a lesser known part of the net lease market, may be the answer for many investors. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 14

What's Next? CRE Considerations for Moving Past COVID-19

What should tenants and property owners be thinking about now as parts of the country begin to re-open? Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 13

COVID-19 Landlord Action Items

The Corona Virus Pandemic is far from over. What should commercial property owners be focused on right now? Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 12

Convenience Is Thriving

Convenience Stores are a Thriving Part of the Net Lease Market. Learn why 7-Eleven and Wawa are Market Leaders. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 11

Emerging Market Impacts from the Ongoing COVID-19 Shutdown

Emerging market impacts from the ongoing COVID-19 shutdown. Key things to keep in mind as the situation evolves. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 10

Who is Actively Buying Real Estate During the COVID-19 Shutdown?

Who is Actively Buying During the COVID-19 Shutdown? It's not business as usual but some deals are still getting done. Find out who is active in the market and why. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 9

The Effects of the COVID- 19 Shutdown on Net Lease Commercial Real Estate and Lending

Today we are discussing the current lending climate and the potential big picture effects of the COVID-19 shutdown. No fluff - no hype, just insight into some of the changes we are already seeing in the market and things to consider moving forward. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 8

Grocery Wars

Will small format grocers like Amazon GO and Aldi gain market share or will traditional stores like Kroger and Safeway continue to lead the pack? Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 7

Dominos Spotlight

Domino's stock jumped 25% in response to their Q4 earnings report. Today we unpack what they are doing right. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 6

How to Evaluate a Net Lease Property

Valuable content for new buyers or those transitioning from other property types. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 5

Ghost Kitchens

Today we are talking about the rise of Ghost Kitchens. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 4

Why Physical Space will Continue to Be Relevant in Retail

Today we are discussing the need for retailers to continue to maintain physical space. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 3

Lease Provisions that Affect the Resale Value of Investment Properties

Today we are discussing lease provisions that affect the resale value of investment properties. This is important content for both developers and investors. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 2

1031 Exchanges Explained

Today we are discussing the basics of a 1031 Exchange. Great content for new investors. Watch. Learn. Excel.

Episode 1

Two Key Things Driving The Retail Evolution 2020

Today we are discussing two big concepts that are dramatically affecting retail: The consumers' increasing demand for efficiency in their lives and the push for new leisure. Watch. Learn. Excel.