August 15, 2017

Zero Cashflow Investing

Zero Cash Flow Investing

Zero Cash Flow Deals are some of the most misunderstood opportunities in commercial real estate. However, these types of investments can have an important role in your overall portfolio in two ways. One, the zero-cash flow structure generates passive losses which can offset or reduce passive income generated by other investments thereby reducing your tax liability.  Two, the assumable non-recourse debt often has a paydown re-advance feature that allows you to complete a 1031 exchange and pull out equity with no tax liability. If you would like to learn more about this type of property please contact the Iacono Retail Group. Below is an opportunity that can be scaled to fit any size exchange.

Portfolio Purchase Price: $136,346,978

Required Equity: $20,798,692

Total Number of Locations: 39


  • Absolute NNN Leases – No Landlord Responsibilities
  • Average Lease Term 22 Years
  • Excellent Locations with Strong Underlying Real Estate
  • Corporately Guaranteed by Walgreens, Rated BBB by S&P
  • Fully Assumable, Self-Amortizing, Zero Cash Flow Debt In-Place
  • Attractive Pay-Down Re-Advance Feature
  • 100% Depreciable with Potential for Accelerated Depreciation through Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Can Be Purchased as a Portfolio, Individually or in Smaller Pools. Portfolio can be Scaled to Match any Exchange Amount