December 20, 2015

Asset Disposition

At Marcus & Millichap We Make A Market For Every Property We Represent

With nearly 1,500 investment professionals throughout the United States and Canada, Marcus & Millichap is the largest brokerage firm focused exclusively on investments. By specializing 100 percent on investments and organizing our sales force into property specialty groups, we provide clients with superior market knowledge and transaction expertise targeted specifically to the unique requirements of each property type. Having pioneered the industry’s most powerful marketing system, the essence of Marcus & Millichap’s value proposition is our ability to “make a market” for each property through expanded market exposure, which generates the broadest buyer interest and results in maximum value.

We combine comprehensive market research, state-of-the-art technology and communications systems with access to the industry’s largest pool of private and institutional investors. The result is the most efficient process for matching buyers and sellers locally, regionally and nationally.

The Industry’s Most Powerful Marketing System

Marcus & Millichap utilizes a powerful and proprietary marketing system to facilitate the sale, purchase or exchange of investment properties nationwide. This platform is supported by our national inventory of investment properties, state-of-the-art communication technology and our culture of information sharing.

Access to more qualified investors than any other source.

Through investment specialization, we have accumulated the largest database of qualified investors in the industry. Through the personal local relationships maintained by our investment professionals, we provide unparalleled access to potential buyers for each property we represent.

The largest investment brokerage sales force, a culture of information sharing.

Each property is exposed to the broadest pool of qualified investors. Our unique culture brings a superior level of expertise to each transaction. The large number of owners and investors who repeatedly conduct business with Marcus & Millichap serves as a testimony to our success in matching buyers and sellers, and maximizing value.

A pioneer in real estate technology, Marcus & Millichap leverages the power of its sales force and the entire brokerage community to assure maximum exposure for each listing and meet investors’ needs.

Our real-time property marketing system, supported by reliable property and market information, facilitates the matching of buyers and sellers from coast to coast.

Our investment property inventory is recognized for its size, diversity, quality, deliverability and underwriting standards.

Investors have come to rely on Marcus & Millichap for access to investment opportunities that meet their specific parameters, including sensitive timing demands driven by 1031-exchange requirements.

Making a Market Through Information Sharing

Information sharing among our sales force and throughout the brokerage community best serves our clients’ interests when all of our agents present investment opportunities to their clients. This results in the broadest possible exposure for each property and the most visible investment opportunities for investors. We “make a market” for each property we represent while expanding investors’ choices and investment options.

Value-Added Brokerage

Marcus & Millichap believes in maintaining long-term relationships with its clients by providing the industry’s highest quality services. We offer a number of services and capabilities designed to help clients maximize their investment returns. Through our Research Services Division, Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation, National Specialty Groups and Major Account Services, we offer an array of services that help investors meet their objectives before, during and after each and every transaction. In addition, our investment-experienced management team operates with a hands-on philosophy focused on quality assurance and support for agents and clients in every market.

Results: Maximizing Results Through Value-Added Services

Expert Underwriting/Positioning

We review comparable property rents, recent sales, current for-sale properties and local market conditions.

Our investment team creates financial performance scenarios with input from clients in order to help assess pricing and formulate the right strategy.

Our investment professionals conduct detailed market surveys that provide an accurate and competitive estimate of a property’s current and future value.

A comparison of property trends and values in various submarkets enables investors to assess the desirability of moving equity from one market to another in order to take advantage of local cycles and opportunities.

Investment Decision Support Through Market Research

Marcus & Millichap’s Research Services Division is comprised of experienced real estate analysts. Our market research is specialized by property type and integrates local market trends, as well as regional and national developments, to support property evaluation, pricing and positioning. Clients who are pursuing a transaction will benefit from the combination of our investment research capabilities and the market knowledge of our agents. During the hold period of an investment, owners can utilize numerous research publications and analysis capabilities to help maximize property performance.

Access to Competitive Financing – Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation

As a part of our effort to create value for property owners and investors, Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation offers access to the most competitive capital sources, tailored by property type. Property owners can take advantage of refinancing opportunities to increase their returns during ownership. Investors can rely on our expert capital market knowledge and benefit from our ability to secure well-managed, competitively priced financing through our network of prominent national and regional lenders. Our national team of finance specialists possesses experience in providing financing for a full range of investment property types.

Moving Capital, Making Markets, Maximizing Value

Marcus & Millichap helps sellers maximize value. Because assets are marketed to a wide range of qualified investors from across the country, sellers receive optimal access to potential buyers. In 2014, the company’s unique national platform, marketing system and investor relationships secured out-of-state buyers for 41 percent of the firm’s total transactions.